Journal of Modern Chemistry
and Applied Science
ISSN 2349-0594
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The IJCAS Scientific Publications is established in the year of Nov-2012 with people from various avenues of pharmacy profession, who have come together in a single platform to redefine the structure of pharmacy profession in the country, where it is seen only as an industry oriented profession.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the novel, imminent and sovereign online pharmacy information services in India. The foundation aims to support every effort to “empower pharmacy education and research/Young research pharmacy scholors”. With a first of its kind website in the country, it strive to improve the knowledge of students and professionals in the various fields of pharmacy by providing valuable resources in the form of ebooks, articles etc. It is a platform for all students, budding pharmacists and pharma professionals to develop their career further. Mainly focusing on Students/ Young research pharmacy Scholors, the prime objective of is to bridge the gap between Industry and Institute by promoting mutual understanding and relationship between Professionals & Students/Research Scholors.

IJCAS Scientific Publication has launched its first online peer review scientific journal named

International Journal of Modern Chemistry and Applied Science(IJCAS)

IJCAS will be published quarterly per year in January, April, July, and October. The journal publishes original research work that contributes significantly to further the scientific knowledge in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Apart from the profession of pharmacy, IJCASonline also aims to "promote access to health for all". With the focus on achieving Millennium Development Goals, the foundation actively engages in various projects of healthcare and health promotion interests on its own. As health is a positive concept emphasizing social & personal resources as well as physical capacities, health promotion is increasingly receiving high priority in a bid to achieve the social goal of health for all. Hence, IJCASonline aims at reducing differences in the current health status and ensuring equal opportunities and resources to enable all the people to achieve their fullest health potential. A visionary management team coupled with an equally brilliant team of professionals is what we believe will make us the global leaders of the new age.